In short I am a:

  • Oskar Edbro
  • Security Geek
  • Consultant at Knowit
  • Tech Enthusiast
  • Thinker and Tinkerer
  • Moonlight blogger
  • and more…

Or in a more verbose format, I (Oskar Edbro) am young engineer (Master of Science and Engineering) in the field of Cyber Security that blogs about things while I learn, or because I wish to share my thoughts and insights. My opinions are my own, and so will they always be. I will most likely change my mind on stuff that have been written, but that’s the charm about learning. Hopefully that won’t happen to often, but when it do I will do my best to add a note about it.

This blog is my hobby, even though it is quite close to my profession. My current employer is Knowit, where i am a security consultant with focus on building secure software. With a combination of security testing and coaching/awareness building I help organisation minimise their risk.

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