So here we go, I finally got around to building a blog, and after looking around at different options i ended up using Jekyll and github pages. In addition to getting me this webpage, it allowed me to get some basic insight into ruby, making this a case of two birds one stone.

Getting things to work have been quite a fiddle, so lets walk through how I got things up and running.

The first step was to get ruby and jekyll installed on my local machine for testing. After trying with wsl I lost my patience and to my surprise it was easier to install directly in windows. Jekyll has a great guide on how to install ruby, jekyll and all dependencies at

The next step was to create my github repository. To be able to host github pages you have to name the repository <username> where you replace <username> with your github username. After that I cloned my repository to my local machine and initiated jekyll by running jekyll new . in my repository.

At this point I got a basic blog. By using bundle exec jekyll serve the webpage is built and hosted locally for testing. It works, but now it’s time to pretty the page up a bit. After looking around on different themes for a while I ended up choosing Hamilton, it fits my needs nicely, and i really enjoy the look. Installing it was as easy as following the guide in the documentation, you just have to remember to change the theme in _config.yml, to ensure that you use the new theme. That took far to long to realise, but finally I made it.